Selfic Paintings

They are fractals of multi-dimensional reality,
dense with meaning, messages of knowledge,
waiting to be recalled by our soul.
They are part of the larger book of knowledge.
Symbols, magical languages,
colors dense with magic and alchemy
lead us to open ourselves to insights to expand our intelligence,
our hearts to the broad fields of knowledge.

How does a Selfic Painting get activated and live?
An important element is light; Selfic Paintings feed on light and are activated by it.
Another element is the attention the person gives to the picture itself.
The dialogue one is able to establish is crucial in helping the painting fulfill its function through eye contact at a first level
and a more subtle energetic contact of confrontation and exchange at higher levels.

Characteristic of Selfic Painting
The Selfic Painting has no boundaries, it does not end where the canvas ends;
the canvas is nothing but its point of vocalization on our world is a doorway, it is not simply a canvas

The advice is to choose or be chosen by the painting without having read the title so as not to be conditioned.
The title reveals the function of the painting itself; in some cases they are actual poems.
In some you can also find small circuits or symbols in language that serve to complete the title