A personalized memory card – Pratical and slim, carry it with you in your pocket, wallet or diary.

Available in three designs:

  • CHALICE in the Time of the Peoples: the Memory card reproduces a detail pained in the Time of the Peoples. This hall celebrates a new era of connection and harmony between peoples and the planet. The walls are decorated with large multicolored patterns, signs, symbols and drawings, painted by Falco Tarassaco. Many details are embellished with gold leaf.  Clear black lines, with dots in phosphorescent paint, delimit the drawings: in the dark, these patterns come to life and the Hall sparkles, making the visitor feel enveloped by a luminous sky, full of stars.
  • HORUS is one of the most important Divinities in the mythology of ancient Egypt. He is the son of Isis and Osiris and is worshiped in two forms, that of the child Horus and that of the adult Horus.  He is the very embodiment of the pharaoh and his power: absolute, wise, driven by deep love for the people over whom he reigns and for which he is responsible. His being so well-rounded is what strikes us most: he is son and father of a people, god and pharaoh, divine and human. All this is blended inside him without ant separation and in total coherence, as a statement that everything that exists can be composted in a single, harmonious picture.
  • ISIS is one of the most venerated figures in the Egyptian mythology. She is the goddess of fertility, motherhood and magic. Her maternal spirit is invoked in the healing process. She is often associated with the throne, that is, with the power of the pharaoh, of whom she is considered the celestial mother. She is the one who reassembles the body of her husband, Osiris, who was killed and dismembered by his brother Seth. Thanks to Isis, Osiris comes back to life and because he has experienced and overcome death, he is acknowledged as the lord of the underworld, while Isis acquires the function of helper in the passage of humans to the afterlife.