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Italian and English bilingual calendar

2024 – A year with Falco” is illustrated with images of Falco in the Temples of Humankind. His portrait is a powerful way to enter this new year, to come into contact with his presence and spiritual reflections.

Falco is the founder and spiritual Guide of Damanhur.
For the past ten years, since he left the body in 2013, Falco Tarassaco Cristallo di Lava has been present in our lives through his teachings, his thoughts, and the closeness that can be clearly felt by both those who knew him during his lifetime and those who are encountering him now, through his works and the stories of his spiritual children.

His image – like those of the Damanhurians – is reproduced in many different ways in the halls of the Temples of Humankind, a work he loved so much because it represents the highest expression of the Damanhurian Spiritual Popolo (People).

Each of these images seems to suggest a thought, a meditation, a food for thought to look within and find the right spirit with which to live our days in joy and spirituality. Because for Falco, joy and spirituality are related aspects, arising from the awareness of the nobility of our soul.

Each month, Falco’s face offers us a question, as he did so many times in his lifetime, and suggests how we should seek the answer. It is up to each one of us to respond, through our thoughts and, above all, through our actions, to follow the path he tirelessly points out to us. The path where we always find him beside us.




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