Wisdom package ‘Labradorite’


Selfic Pendent 'Nature'

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Small selfica for connection with natural energies

It creates a contact with the vital energies of nature. It lessens the energetic barriers that clothes made of non-organic or synthetic fabrics and chemical dies create between our body and the vital force of nature. It can be worn as a pendant or pinned to any item of clothing.

A Temple in the green

Damanhur Con Te Series n. 2  What the Sacred Woods Temple is and what it represents Since time immemorial the woods are the home of life. The Damanhurians have transformed their Woods into a sacred place, a meeting point for the different worlds of existence which hosts meditation paths, altars, pyramids, as well as plants, animals, spirits of nature and human beings. Damanhur, with more than forty years of history and over a thousand members worldwide, is a social and spiritual experience with many stories to tell. “Damanhur Con Te” is a way to collect, share and bring home pieces of the wisdom—or the foolhardiness, depending on how you look at it—that has guided us on this adventure. Pag.: 94

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Shopper Organic 'Pan'

Shopper in organic cotton 135 g/m2 with long handles and gusset at the base. Text in English on one side and in Italian on the other side. This bag says "NO" to bioplastics. Everyone knows that disposable plastic is very polluting, but it is common opinion that Mater bi or bioplastic is ecological. It is part of the "False Ecology", of all those choices that in this era the media deceptively present to us as environmentally friendly and instead are not at all, and with respect to which it is necessary to be very careful. Bioplastic is mainly produced from corn starch, but it can also be derived from wheat flour or potatoes, so it is not a waste product, but food. For the production of corn are grown immense extensions of monocultures, with great expenditure of water, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, fossil fuels. In addition, monocultures of this type destroy the soil humus and biodiversity, taking land from natural ecosystems. They're not exactly environmentally friendly. "Disposable" also causes a huge and unnecessary waste of energy and resources. Let's learn to use cloth bags or other durable materials again to take an action that helps the environment!

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Pendent Labradorite 'Plant consciousness'

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Labradorite has the power to positively influence the heart chakra by opening it not only to emotions and empathy, but also to the connection with the subtle worlds and intelligences belonging to realms different from the human one. The symbol in Sacred Language engraved on this stone is "Plant Consciousness", a sign that has the power to create a spiritual opening towards the plant realm , its wisdom and the whole world of Nature Spirits connected to it.  
The stones may not be exactly as photographed because each stone is unique but are very similar to each other.
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