A coloring book created by the Artists of the Temple, which offers signs and drawings found in the various rooms of the Temples of Humankind. It is a combination of symbols and ideograms of the ancient language used in Damanhur which is able to evoke archetypal and inspirational images. By adding color in a creative and personal way, you can become the creator of the world around you, giving life to the richness within you. Creating beauty outside of us corresponds to creating it within us, in a harmonic cycle connected to life.


The sign is the first experience that gives rise to creation Creation is life, and the sign gives it its meaning. Each one of us can interpret the word “sign” differently: as an ideogram, as the beginning of a previously nonexistent creation, as the driving force behind things, as an intuition, as an aspect of existence to be read and transformed, or as the desire to leave a mark of one’s own life. In each of these nuances, the sign is characterized as a driving force for becoming and growth. Although by itself, the sign is not enough. It is how aware you are of the sign that you are using, creating, leaving, what gives it an added value capable of making it alive and vital. Magical.
In Damanhur we use an ideogrammatic language that characterizes us as a Popolo (People), and constitutes the foundation of our arts. The energy that is put into a creation by its creator is the spark that identifies us, all of us, as those who belong to an evolved Humankind. It is that special scent with which we saturate our thoughts and actions, so that a wish becomes a prayer.
This same energy is the gift we would like to offer you, as you color these mandalas. Whether you are a child taking their first steps in the experience of learning, or an adult who is already more structured and looking for a balance between your mind, heart and soul.
In our philosophy, “desiring” has as a pre-requisite the idea that everything should transform into something better. This is why, from the union of our signs and your inspiration, both your transformation and that of the world around us will come to life. Creating beauty outside of ourselves is the same as creating beauty within us. In doing so, we will all become activators of harmony and happiness. So, also thanks to you, we can make our world a wonderful place.