Unlined notebook / Dairy.

Two designs:

  • AMSCUSAT: The cover image is the same as on the book with the same name written by Falco Tarassaco (Oberto Airaudi). Amscusat is a teenager who shares studies, friendships and advantures with a remarkable variety of humans, animals, plants and aliens, according to the customs of his space-time. Visits to spaceships, exchanges  of bodies with alien creatures, rescue missions on different worlds are experiences within the reach of all youngsters. Despite the advanced technology of that time, a dark Enemy looms from afar, although it is kept under control with the weapons of Science and Knowledge. It is the story of an unintelligible future or the journal of a forgotten past?
  • Gold circuits on a red background: it is the enlargement of a fragment on the cover of the novel Amscusat, which represents the exterior of the spaceship Arielvo, the mystical flagship of the fleet located on the planet where the protagonist lives. the book describes the heroic deeds in which Amscusat took part. Arielvo’s background is dark red, and on it there are circuits and labyrinths drawn in gold that intensify its power.