Falco Tarassaco. The dream, the message


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Thought, openness to others, the search for the deep meanings of life, pragmatism… these are the base elements of the spiritual message of Falco Tarassaco (Oberto Airaudi, 1950-2013). Eclectic, creative and profound, Falco was the founder of a school of thought that touches countless themes and has given life to the community experience of Damanhur in Italy and around the world.

This book presents the fundamental elements of his spiritual guidance, from the discovery of the divine nature of the human being, to our relationship with the environment, and all the way to the development of a sense of wonder and the indispensable curiosity to understand the language of the universe.
His dream and his message show his extraordinary capacity to bring together tradition and renewal—two pillars upon which to found our personal and collective future.

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The teachings of the founder of Damanhur.

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