Neutral wooden pencil with round shaft, silver-colored metal ferrule, white rubber, black lead, 4-color printed bandage.

  • SOLAR image: here we admire the central part of the Sun Door in the Hall of the Earth, which shows the richness of the various aspects related to the Sun, represented here with an anthropomorphic image: a warrior whose helmet extends from the forehead to protect his nose.
  • LUNAR image: the image reproduces the central part of the Moon Door in the Hall of the Earth, in the Temples of Humankind. It shows the mediumistic, intuitive expression on a female face enclosed between two half-moons.
  • THE DOME IN THE HALL OF MIRRORS: detail of the Tiffany glass dome that illuminates the Hall of Mirrors with a warm, golden light. The Hall of Mirrors is dedicated to life, light, air, the sky, the sun and to Horus, the cosmic and solar force connected tot the spiritual awakening of humankind in the Third Millennium. The dome shows a great hawk that with its outstretched wings protects the universe.