Acqua, Terra, Metalli, Specchi e Popoli: scegli una delle nostre cinque bellissime stanze e immergiti nell’energia mistica della corrispondente Sala dei Templi.

Nell’Abaton, l’aura energetica dei Templi dell’Umanità
ispirerà i tuoi sogni e ti aiuterà a ristabilire il benessere.

Lasciati cullare dall’energia e dall’arte, evocando sogni densi di significato per la tua vita.



Our 3rd time here – we always love it!

Andrea, Masha, Linn, Hall of the Earth - 10/07/2019

We both are very thankful that we were able to be here. It is indeed a very very special place!
The room (EARTH) is also furnished with love and care and every single detail is in harmony with all. Beautiful! With Love, GRAZIE GRAZIE GRAZIE

Pieter & Jacqueline from Holland, Hall of the Earth - 12/07/2019

Wow! What an experience it was to stay in Abaton!
Me and my friend didn’t plan this stay, but we decided at the moment to sleep here for 2 nights.
It became 2 complete different nights. The first one was very turbulent, often awake and clear ideas came in. The second night was one of peace and quietness, we were sleeping very deep, extremely deep. Totally in balance we will leave today, and it is sure that we will come back another time!

Z.O.Z, Hall of the Earth - 23/08/2019

I love this beautiful & super fresh earth room. So grateful to experience it.
I had several remembered dreams but of ordinary nature.
Looking forward also to my stay in the Water room tonight.
Wonderful hospitality, special gratitude to Emù for all the group’s accommodation arrangements.
Infinite love & blessings

Karen Aspin, Hall of the Earth - 31/08/2019
Love is the key to open
every kind of doors!
Love your self more
than anything
you are all the entire universe!
Ermetico, Hall of Mirrors - 01/07/2019
A magical experience
with beautiful people.
I feel kinder, calmer and
more connected with the world!
Anonymous, Hall of Mirrors - 20/07/2019
Together, united field,
becoming one in Love and Light.
Thank you!

Grace, Beauty, Harmony
and dreams of joy
bringing more success in my life
Anonymous, Hall of Mirrors - 23/07/2019
Thank you for everything!!!!
My brother and I have enjoyed our visit very much.
We are very impressed with all your work and research.
The Temple is amazing and everybody is kind and friendly.
This is definitely one of the 8 wonders of the world!!!
The Abaton is the best place to stay in,
as the rooms are amazing, the location is the best,
and the staff is super friendly,
R.G. Spain, Hall of Mirrors - 15/08/2019
Thank you for the magic and the inspiration to ignite the creative spark.
Our group of 18 each received so much from each experience. This is a place where heaven and earth come together in the heart.
A true temple of light shining out to the world as a beacon of hope in these times of change.
Thank you… Thank you… Thank you…
Robbyne & Guy – New Zealand, Hall of Mirrors - 01/10/2019
Opening doors of transformation, deep healing and reconnection.
The river of life run through us, vibrates within.
I pray all beings open to love, beauty and abundance resurrecting the new tribe of this planet. Damanhurinas leading the way. Much gratitude for your courage, passion and love. Con voi!
Johnsen Aslaug, Hall of Mirrors - 18/10/2019

1 month in the Metal Room…
Magical 1
Expansive 2
Activating 3
Dreamy 4
Travelling 5
Discovery 6
Unifying 7
Thank you and no words can describe what I have been receiving here!

Ishka'h , Hall of Metals - 01/07/2019

Thank you for the beautiful experience I’ve had the last couple of days in Damanhur.
I’ve visited the Temples and Damil and lastly The Sacred Woods. Every time I had beautiful and spiritual experiences that I will be forever grateful for.
This last night we spent in the room of Metals, I had lots of dreams, all trouble-some where I met my own shadows. I know what I can learn from this and I will take this with me to continue to grow and evolve.
Lot’s of love from Helene Dk

Helene, Hall of Metals - 29/07/2019

Grazie per la splendida accoglienza. Tutto molto bello; bello il posto, bella la compagnia. Tornerò presto.

Giampaolo, Hall of Metals - 11/08/2019

My stay here was magical, the connection with the Temple room commanded a sense of reverence and calm! My dreams were plentiful and clear. I will be coming back for sure!

Justin, Hall of Metals - 16/08/2019

A truly transformative night’s sleep. I can’t recall a dream when I would be so lucid…definitely not for a long time. I had multi-layered dream scenes and was moving between them taking notes into journal in the dream as well as after waking up. The flows of healing energy here are really strong and I was connecting to the healing light for self-healing. The energy in here is definitely very powerful and healing, thank you very much.

Valeria, Hall of Metals - 29/08/2019

The metal room is to help see the transitions in life. I had two very simple dreams. One was about my former career as an aerospace engineer, one was about cleansing and healing. The message is clear and the transition to healing work is already in process since I retired.
This place is wonderful and the people who are drawn here are astounding. My gratitude to all the people who make Damanhur work, is beyond measure.

Roberto, Hall of Metals - 02/09/2019

Violet Ray was born in this day as I her grandmother slept.
Dreams of her perfectness and health abound
I am where I am
a gift to this
universe filled with love and inspiration
for all new life

Maris Z., Hall of Metals - 13/09/2019

Yet another beautiful and inspiring visit to friends in Damanhur, with love and admiration-until next time.

Moloch, Hall of Metals - 29/09/2019

The energy is timeless…
Space is a conduit …
Miracles are in between
Secret dimensions
support your
spiritual growth

Cathy Fernandez, Popoli - 12/10/2019

I have no words, but one, and that says it all… Grazie

Laura, Hall of Mirrors - 08/12/2019

My very first night I felt a very strong energy….

Rosalia, Hall of Water - 04/07/2019

Peace, love, harmony, kindness, intuitive and healing dreams,
Damanhur is a magical place, lets bring it to the world!
Very grateful and blessed to share this time at the Abaton
Grazie + warmest regards

Paula, Hall of Water - 25/08/2019

Still on the way to Abaton, the divine feminine energy welcomed us and gave us many insights.
As soon as we entered the Water room our bellies started taking the size of what least 6 months’ pregnant woman. This happened to both of us simultaneously!!!
Also in the meditations, connecting to the energy of the room, we both felt like the great divine mother giving birth to new Universes.
No dreams at night, but we felt like being held in the womb of the great mother.
The first sunlight enlightened the open mouth of the big serpent on the wall.
With so much gratitude!

Monica & Nadia, Hall of Water - 30/08/2019
Remembering. Renewal. Release
Beautiful people
Art. Nature.
With many blessings of love, light and laughter
Anonimo from Texas, Hall of Water - 09/10/2019

Thank you for the love you put into all this, it is amazing,
It was a wonderful time full of rich experiences and dreams.

Chandra, Hall of Water - 30/11/2019

We had a wonderful and beautiful heart-touched, soul singing time in this amazing place.
Sleeping in the night with Ganesha, Thot, Khrisna, Isis and all angels gave us special dreams
Thank you so much for the delicious breakfast. Con voi!

Astrid Elisabeth, Hall of Water - 10/12/2019
Once again in this beautiful place that feels so much like home connecting to the source.
Dreaming in the Temple of People’s room was awakening the pathway to
the future through symbols and synchronicities lightened and glowing in the dark.
Thank you Damanhur for creating such a space to expand the soul to oneness.
Florence e Ivan, Popoli - 25/08/2019
Deep sleep filled with knowledge, symbols of activation
Surrounded by happiness and joy
New life breaking
Changing time zones.
What a wonderful journey it has been
as a new life is born
Aphia, Popoli - 10/11/2019

New Beginning!
High Frequency, the time has stopped
We didn’t leave the premises from the moment we dreamed in, until the moment we checked out! That is a lot!
Had very important conversations between us about the future, about what we wish to create.
Thank you! Magic!
No need to explain

Janis e Dita, Popoli - 01/09/2019
This has been one of the most profoundly healing places I have visited!
Thank you to all who live and work here in Damanhur, along with the Selfica’s, spirals and spiritual beings who live here.
I fully loved, accepted and totally great being here. My experiences have been abundant in awareness. Thank you!
Marjorie, Popoli - 20/09/2019

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